big data and where retail managers should spend their time

FitBit, Big Data and Where Retail Managers Should Spend Their Time

Last Christmas we bought our son a Fitbit® and we thought the novelty would have wore off by now, but instead he religiously syncs up his results everyday to see if he’s beat the previous day’s totals or to at least chart his progress.  Although it’s not the greatest way to track how well you are exercising, it can do fairly well at how much you do exercise and when you do it. After gathering a few weeks of data, we were able to analyze the data and could tell the time of the day he was really exercising, and to a certain degree how much. It also showed the times where he was NOT very active, and we identified those as times where maybe he was watching TV or playing video games. He really liked seeing how active he was during the day,  and it actually makes him want to plan out his day and take advantage of the time he does have by filling it with more activity and healthy exercises. He’s also been able to see the benefits with higher performances and better stamina in his activities as he’s recently been coming in first on his wind sprints in basketball, being first in his Boy Scouts Troop for endurance running and he recently scored 3 soccer goals in one game (and he’s usually the goalie!). As parents we also benefit, even on vacation he wanted to stay active and he decided on his own to go out and sweep all the pathways in his aunt’s backyard! I mean, who does that?

It’s amazing what your kids can do with no TV and limited Wi-Fi. 

No, this isn’t a promo for FitBit, nor to brag about my son’s accomplishments, but to show how data can really improve performance and show how the value of where and how you spend your time. A lot of us probably have certain goals or things we want to accomplish, but sometimes we just end up eating ice cream sandwiches and binge watching shows all weekend on Netflix, and yes we feel guilty about it or regret wasting our time! Most of us however, want to be better, most of us want to accomplish our goals, and most of us want to improve performance in all aspects of our lives, and getting some in your face feedback can make all the difference!

Big Data and Increasing Work Performance

For those who are health conscious or wanting to improve their daily activity, a FitBit can be a good investment. But what about our work performance? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see results of our actions at work and be able to determine what actions actually make the biggest difference? Big data is a buzzword these days, that essentially means if you can track something, then you can you hopefully create meaningful analyses that will help your business. In retail, companies are investing in technology that track your customer’s every move– from online sales to the minute they walk into your store. You can look at the data and see what people are looking for and adjust your strategies on the fly online, or your in-store merchandising. For example, Heineken, is using technology that can track customer movement in a store, and where customers are actually picking up a six-pack in Walmart. They can then take the data to better merchandise their product, and thus increase sales. In retail, technology and big data do an amazing job of providing a myriad of information on the customer, their behavior, product price points, product inventory and all sorts of sales data, but at the same time there’s still been a lack of measurement of employee performance with the exception of the annual employee review that everyone dreads.

What About Retail Managers?

For some companies, big data is simply a buzzword that makes them feel better that they’re gathering all the data they can. But how does it benefit a manager who is just trying to run a store or business? If you’re a retail manager, you probably have a checklist of items you have to do each day, some activities you know you have to do to keep the store open, others you know have a bigger influence on sales, but you don’t know for sure or how much. How do you know where you should be spending your time? Is there a way to prioritize or know what actions and tasks actually make the biggest difference to the bottom line? We’re here to help!

Cambeo is conducting a Retail Manager Study that will focus on the following:

  • Where are retail managers currently spending their time?
  • What activities are retail managers specifically focusing on?
  • Do retail managers know why they’re spending time on certain actions/tasks?
  • What activities should retail managers be focusing on to bring the greatest amount of ROI?
  • How do you compare with other retail managers?

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